Cre8tek Limited is an Australian incorporated company listed on the ASX.

Following the acquisition of Global Agenda Technologies Pty Ltd (Agenda) in February 2016, the Company became a technology company operating in the technology solutions and software development sector, with plans to expand its portfolio.

Agenda was the first acquisition made by the Company in this new area of focus, and the Company planned to further expand its portfolio in technology solutions, with a particular focus on software marketing solutions, application software, communication software, software as a service, online social networking services, and security and encryption.

The Company has acquired 100% of the issued capital of Flamingo Customer Experience, Inc.  

Flamingo is an innovative software as a service (SaaS) company which has developed a customer experience automation platform (Flamingo Platform) designed for selling complex financial products online. The Flamingo Platform design aims to turn a website's visitors looking for complex financial products into customers by guiding customers online from page view to purchase, on both mobile and desktop devices.

Flamingo's existing product, known as 'Journey Assist', has been developed, tested and successfully trialed. This product comprises the current Flamingo Platform and is ready for sale to a broad market, initially focused in financial services.

For more information about Flamingo visit the website: WWW.FLAMINGO.AI